[Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace]
Welcome to the homepage for Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace. This site provides reading materials for students studying the law as it applies to activities in cyberspace. The reading materials include edited cases, statutes, treaties, and law review articles, as well as content written by the individual module authors. Some have likened the study of cyberspace law to trying to board a moving bus. Given the pace of change in this field any attempt at a traditional casebook would largely be outdated before it reached the hands of the students. This site is designed to take advantage of the hypertext media offered by the world wide web by providing reading modules that can be altered or replaced as the law changes.
Our participating faculty have created ten initial modules covering different aspects of Cyberspace Law. Follow the link above to see what's available, and to reach the instructional materials themselves. Faculty interested in using these modules can join a discussion forum about the materials. Learn how to create and add your own module to the collection, and add your class to our "Course Listings" page of classes using these resources.
This link will take you to a Virtual Reference Desk, with links to handy background materials, definitions, and other useful information. Want to know more about the process and people behind Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace? Acknowledgements and credits may be found here.